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Welcome to the Majaatricks Website!

Majaatricks is a new company which aims to bring magic to people of all ages. Our prices are affordable and competitive. We bring the best magic tricks, jokes and gags to everywhere in Canada.

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Fundraising for Schools

Majaatricks helps to raise thousands of dollars for worthy charities, schools and organizations across Ontario every year.

  • We perform magic tricks, gags and jokes
  • Family friendly entertainment suitable for all ages
  • If the audience likes a trick, gag or joke, they can buy it on the spot
  • 15% of all sales go to the hosting school/organization
special events

We have a portable retail and performance area (20’ x 10’) that we can setup in order to perform different magic tricks and illusions, and demonstrate jokes and gags for young audiences.

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind entertainment
  • Fun, exciting and sometimes unbelievable!
  • Great for families and kids
  • If you like a magic trick, gag or joke, you can buy it and learn how to perform it!
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